About Dennis Sweeny


As the founder of Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting, Dennis is a well-known expert on delivering sales results to companies that are committed to moving into new markets and finding new customers.

Dennis helps his clients take responsibility for their stagnant growth and pushes them to aggressively start dealing with the real problems that are stalling their sales. He works with customers to implement innovative and unique strategies to build new relationships with prospective new customers. He has performed his process in multiple industries and with numerous clients. Many of his clients refer to Dennis’s ability to land new business as “miraculous.” He blends hard work and persistence with humor and incredible energy and focus to put his clients in a position to land new customers they have coveted for years. His clients’ new customers truly include a “who’s who” of American Fortune 500 companies.

Dennis graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in business management and started his sales career while in college selling encyclopedias door to door. Although he failed miserably in this position, he learned the fundamentals of selling and went on to win numerous sales awards and promotions while working for his first employer, the NCR Corporation. While at NCR, Dennis sold manufacturing and accounting software and spent time in dozens of businesses learning the fundamentals of good business management.

Dennis earned his certification in Production and Inventory Management in 1986. In 1988, he spent a year traveling around the world, flying to Japan and visiting 10 other countries. After his return, he worked for nonprofits on the East Coast and then relocated to Kansas City.

“You have many opportunities to grow your business. It simply takes time and patience to develop relationships with prospects who are buying what you are selling,” says Dennis. “What makes a good salesperson is someone who not only has an insatiable appetite for prospecting, but who also craves the win so much that listening skills are well-honed and persistence is second nature. That’s what the people on our team are made of. And that’s why we achieve consistently strong results for our clients.”

In 1994, Dennis founded a business consulting firm and worked primarily with local Kansas City companies helping them grow their businesses and address their biggest challenges. Through his experience, Dennis created the business development services now offered at Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting. Today, Dennis and his top-flight team conduct research, make cold calls, arrange meetings, develop strategies, and ultimately help close sales that have the power to transform a business. By managing the entire sales process, starting with lead generation, Dennis Sweeny and his team deliver results. Dennis relishes taking on an organization’s toughest problems and working with managers to make a real difference.

Dennis is an accomplished writer on the subject of business growth. He is the author of “Opening the Door to New Markets,” published in the Kansas City Business Magazine. Dennis is a frequent speaker on topics related to corporate growth and generating actionable business intelligence to empower companies to be successful. Deep specificity in market research and a gifted ability to refine clients’ value propositions contribute to Dennis’s reputation as a front-runner in the business development field and a sought-after keynote speaker for audiences with an appetite for growth.

Increased sales and new market penetration take shape when Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting helps clients develop quality relationships based on deep understanding of target customers. Knowledge is power in selling products and services, whether your company’s goal is to grow its core business or expand into new markets.