It is Not About You!

Apparently some folks never got the message regarding the world. No matter what your mother told you or the special attention your father or grandparents gave you, vendors/buyers do not really care about you. I remember when I discovered this. I was walking the streets of Kansas City selling encyclopedias door to door and realized that not one person in that neighborhood cared a whit about me, what I wanted, or how important it was to me to make a sale.

I was talking with one of my clients the other day and the sales manager was lamenting that a certain prospect should give us the business we were bidding on. Most of his reasons were based on what he thought they should do and how we deserved this work. I almost screamed. I did not have the heart to tell him what he wanted was totally irrelevant and frankly was the exact opposite approach to take in order for us to be successful with this account. It is fool’s gold to spend anytime ruminating on the thought that what you want is relevant.

A great salesperson gets into the mind of their prospect, spends time understanding the company’s decision making process, and learns some of the key departmental or organizational objectives.  I have said this before. Sales is not black magic.  When you discover and identify the needs of the prospect and meet those needs, the buyer will buy. When you set aside what you want and totally dedicate yourself to understanding the needs of your future customer, success will find you. Now after you have clearly met the needs of the organization and everyone is in agreement and you still are not making the sale you may have to play a few tricks but this is senior level selling which I will explain in a future blog.

LeanDennis Sweeny