The key to significantly growing your business is to find more opportunities and close your fair share. Unfortunately for many companies, teams often have vivid memories of past efforts where everyone was excited to aggressively grow the business but the results never materialized. Sales is hard work. Companies get stuck because it’s hard to embrace the discipline, real-time execution, and honest communication required to attract new customers and move into new markets. There is no silver bullet. Clients of Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting start working with us when they become tired of mediocre sales results and realize flat sales may have more dire consequences in the future.


Secret Sauce

We put our deep expertise to work for you by performing sales functions and market research to help you find, attract, and close new business.

If you find yourself saying things like this:

“We need to land new customers, as soon as possible.”

“It’s time to admit that wishing, hoping, planning, and making excuses aren’t going to pay the bills.”

“I wish I held the keys to new customers and sales growth. It’s a mystery to me.”

“Our strategic plan looks good on paper but it’s done nothing to grow the business.”

“We need to land the best customers in our markets—customers who can double our sales.”

"If we could break into Fortune 500 customers and land just two or three, it would transform our business.”

“I wish we had a structure in place to hold our organization accountable for sales execution so that our sales growth could become more predictable.”

… it’s time to give us a call.